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All attributes/objects that are saved in http Session are serializable.
Any downtime is going to affect the users.
Doing clustering does not always guarantee that service will be 100 available since there can still be a chance that all the machine in a cluster fail at the same time.
24) What is the difference between permission, rights and policy?When doing deploying on a production environment.In case one of the machine fails or goes down, the user information (served by that machine) will be lost and there will be no way to recover user session.20) What is a child domain?DNS is like a translator for computers, computers understand the number and not the alphabet.In this type of load balancing the request is divided in circular barbie super sports pc order ensuring all machines get equal number of requests and no single machine is overloaded or underloaded.What Is Middle Tier Clustering?
Default gateway is the IP address of the router in the network.
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It is created when you install active directory.The benefits of clustering are that it reduces the load on one single system by sharing the load also it is used for redundancy of the services.Operating system acts as an interpreter between computer application and hardware. .1) What is active directory?By creating reservation it gives access to that particular IP address and at the same time prevents other computer system to use that IP address.The superscope becomes when you combine two or more scopes together.After that, you have to copy.pst and have to paste it wherever you want the backup.The adding of resource can be done in two ways.