alexisonfire this could be anywhere

Between them, I am caught.
This breeze feels more like shards of glass I'm more scars than skin.Chorus: This city, autocad full version 2010 for windows xp this city is haunted.George: Our steps seal fate, our steps seal fate.The city, the city is haunted.George: This town has its claws buried in my neck.
George: Every breath I take I feel my lungs seal.
This town is his cause burying my neck.

By ghosts (ghosts) from broken homes (homes).Every breath I take, I feel my lungs fail.The city, the city is haunted, by ghosts (ghosts) from broken homes (homes).Dallas: The cracks in the pavement, Match the cracks in their weathered skin.Dallas: The streets are in distress.The ground's a juggernaut, each day they get a bit closer.The line-up seems endless, underneath the salvation sign.Underneath the salvation signs.Alexisonfire, this Could Be Anywhere In The World.I'm sinking, won't be long, before I'm too deep to run.And there's no hope (hope) left for these souls (souls).