back orifice client and server

Although, the attacker can use the client application to perform a search through a range of IP addresses, this is infeasible if the attacker can not narrow the range to a small subset because there are four billion possible IP addresses.
Configuration of the server mac os x lion usb from windows application, the server application can be configured with the following parameters: Its installed filename.
Is Back Orifice a Threat?
The communication port, the name of the value it will add to the registry.Don't lie, you know you.Packet redirection, redirect any incoming TCP or UDP port to any other address port.The BOServer is around 122kb in size.BO2K is like other professional remote control packages.The Automated Fix, this fix program (BODetect) was written by Chris Benson who works for Symantec.The client application, running on one machine, can be used to monitor and control a second machine running the server application.Org is maintained on Github.It has been used successfully to remove Back Orifice from an infected machine but is not as complex as the Automated Fix provided above.View the contents of any file on the target machine.
2.1 How do I know if I have Back Orifice?

The application will not appear in the Windows task list.By doing so, the server application always starts whenever Windows starts, and thus is always active.Back Orifice Unix Client, unix client with sourcecode.The server application will not run on Windows.T-shirts, back Orifice T-shirts available.What if I have Back Orifice?The target machine must have TCP/IP network capabilities.It could be considered a trojan horse.Firstly and foremost dont go accepting files from people you dont know and cant trust.What is Back Orifice.1 Is Back Orifice a virus?