backup outlook 2010 folders to hard drive

Amongst others, the following data gets lost during an export screen sharing for mac os x or import: Custom forms Custom views Message Rules Folder properties like AutoArchive settings Send/Receive history for POP3 accounts AutoComplete cache and various other data and settings.
Select the name of the email account to export, crystal report viewer control for visual studio 2010 as shown in the picture below.
Having backup copy of Outlook data can become life safer many times; that doesn't mean that just by just copying the PST file will enable you to save matura mt script capitals font data, as this way of backing up will not copy all important attributes of your Outlook profile.For instructions on how to do that see: Dont risk losing your Contacts and Calendar when using imap in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016.To learn how to import items after you export them, see.In Windows 10, you can do this by using the Microsoft Print to PDF printer.Or you can save it to a usb flash drive, plug the drive into your new computer, and then import your email, contacts, and calendar to Outlook.When file corruption occurs, the Outlook data files become inaccessible.For example, if you have Outlook 2010, choose "Outlook 2010: Export Outlook items.pst file".Smart Backup option can backup any Outlook attributes like emails, journals, Outlook settings, contacts and everything else from Outlook profile; Advanced Backup option lets you select and backup only the required attributes.
This is handy if you see no need in backing up the entire pst-file like the Sent Items folder or the Funny Forwards folder (who doesnt have one of those?) which can get quite big over time and you might consider them as not important.

Copy Backup, all selected files are copied, it however does not mark the files as having been archived.You might want to set your view to a list view so you can easily select and move the items.Before importing, restore your pst-file: Copy the file to the location where you want to work with it like; D:My DocumentsMy OutlookTemp If you restored from CD/DVD, make sure you uncheck the Read Only file attribute by right clicking the file and choosing Properties.Expand the list and select the Inbox folder.In the case of Windows 7 Backup and Restore, the initial backup is a full backup, subsequent backups are.If you have files in a library that are saved on a drive located on a different computer on a network, on the Internet, on the same drive that you are saving the backup on, or on a drive that is not formatted using the.