battery cell voltage monitor circuit

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Also, the negative terminal of the first cell 402 - 1 is coupled through switch 450 c to the negative input terminal of the ADC 420.The monitoring circuit also includes a 411 wrestling smackdown report processor configured to receive each digital signal and to provide a safety alert signal based on at least one of the digital signals.If however, the processor 322 knows that cell A typically has a lower voltage than cell B towards the end of discharge from at least one prior discharge cycle or mode, the processor 322 can start balancing for cell A early in a later discharge.AEC-Q100 generic family data available for specific packages.For example, such circle monogram embroidery font a situation requiring lower resolution may be for under-voltage detection.To calibrate the third cell 402 - 3, switches 450 f and 450 g would be closed.A standby mode is also provided.The electronic device includes a monitoring circuit for accurately monitoring a voltage level from each of the plurality of battery cells.The ADC 220 is configured to accept an analog voltage signal from each of the battery cells 102 - 1, 102 - 2, 102 -n and convert each to a digital signal.Alternatively, the processor 222 may also provide the discharge alert signal if one of the digital signals from the ADC 220 indicates that one cell has a voltage level less than the under voltage threshold level while the battery pack 102 is being discharged.In this instance (e.g., the voltage drop across the sense resistor is greater than the second current threshold level times the value of the sense resistor the protection circuit 429 provides a short circuit alert signal to the processor via data path 439.For example, such transient deviations could include voltage spikes or other rapid voltage fluctuations that can occur due to a number of factors including varying charging currents or load currents passing through the internal resistance of the cells.The DC power source 104 may also be a DC/DC adapter such as a cigarette lighter type adapter configured to plug into that type of socket.

Daisy Chain, multiple devices can be connected in serial fashion without digital isolation.Advantageously, all threshold levels are adjustable by the processor 222.1 as separate from the device 100, but it may be built into some devices.The ADC 220 may include one or more various types of ADCs to function as an averaging type ADC.Since the processor 322 is repeatedly receiving updated accurate voltage information of each cell 102 - 1, 10202, 102 -n from the ADC 320, it can instruct the bleeding network circuit 340 to conduct appropriate cell bleeding or it can instruct the charge shuttling circuit.The safety alert signal may be a charge alert signal or a discharge alert signal.Therefore, a first under voltage threshold level may be programmed into and stored in any applicable memory device of the system 100.The processor 322 may also provide a pre-balance signal to the bleeding network circuit 340 or the charge shuttling circuit 342 to start a balancing process before an imbalance exists.4 is a more detailed block diagram of an exemplary cell monitoring and balancing circuit consistent with the invention; and.
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