best torch 2015 uk

Possibly if the low option was 10 lumen instead of 3 it would be more useful as phontunes no itunes installed an in tent hanging reading light but good enough to see water bottles etc.
As its brightness isnt as strong as some others on our list, and because its 25cm long, it may well be best for use around the house, although it is shock-proof and waterproof, should you wish to take it outdoors.Verdict The End, there are many flashlight apps out there, but you wouldnt want one that is snooping on your data while you are using it, right?This is one of the most used flashlight apps for Android, and it uses your phones screen as well as flashlight LED to its advantage.In most cases, the price comes in below 30 (only three on our list go north of that).Inova Microlight Keyring Torch LED:.71, Amazon.
It has a good weight to it without being heavy, and has an IPX4 waterproof rating.

Among the best known torch brands out there, Maglite has a reputation for durability and performance, and this 27-lumen model stays true to form.This app comes with a very easy to use interface.Our pick of the bunch is the.Apart from that, it comes with slow and fast blinking mode.You can definitely it as a flashlight app but other than that it also works fine as a morse code or strobing app.We focused on size, weight and durability, as well as the brightness and focus of the light emitted by the torch.This is a torch that does a lot with not very much.