black and white 2 computer game

Go to the brick game for windows xp game directory and find the file GameBalanceArtefact.
Perform software surgery at your own risk.Find the folder: Data/Balance.Back them up or fail in life.When the Lion's Head Studio logo apepars, you can grab the jar with your mouse and shake it for beads.It can also cause similar chaos when used to remove Armouries, creature pens and other buildings.Values less than 1000 may cause your game to crash.The number 50 that comes right after it, is how much food they will eat.On any abode building the 7th group of numbers is the max adults, 8th group is kids, 9th is max adults with bonuses, 10th is max kids with bonuses.This will not work on pre-saved games.
Now haveing massive city populations, and massive armies is posible, without having to worry too much about the food.
The example above cachet anti vomissement macdonald is for the greek house.

The negative values are evil points recieved for placing the building, while positive numbers are good points.Txt and change the fields to the fallowing settings.Example: I put commas in there so dont copy, paste.Changes won't take effect until you move to the next land, however.Open the file using Notepad.Change the value directly to the right of any artefact and you will change its tribute cost in the game.This will not affect towns you take over as they are not populated by greek villagers.
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