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Bloodline by Kate Cary Razorbill, 2005 isbn: Available: New and Used Set in World War I, Bloodline tells the tale of the descendants of the the characters from Bram Stoker's Dracula. .
Alexander is prone to wearing black, is active mostly at night, and is rumored to be a vampire. .
The sequel, Invidia, was published directly following, and many of the rough edges were improved. Readers of teen chick lit will find much thats familiar here.It focuses on a new problem for the humans and vampires of Morganville: they begin to mysteriously lose their memories.If you enjoyed Vampire Kisses you will enjoy the continuing story of vampire wannabe Raven and the love of her life, Alexander. .Reviewed by: Cherylynne.Another book in Atwater-Rhodes' world of vampires and witches.Highly recommended, but must be read in order.Sweet Filthy Boy, 2014 (Dolce Selvaggio, 2015).There are rumors about the dazzling Crystal sisters, and it doesnt take Derrick and his new friend, Paul, long to discover the truth about them: they are vampires, trying to co-exist in a mortal world.Courtesy counts, even if you plan to kill your guests and drink their blood.
Highly recommended for ages 15 and up for complexity of plot and violence.
Past Imperfect, 2014.

Marrone paints a compelling picture of Jordans further spiral into darkness and depression.In Good Ghouls Do, Beths unlife gets even more complicated as she continues to search for the vampire master that made her while entangled in a romantic triangle with vampire killer Kevin and her new boyfriend Clayton.Other books in the series include In the Forests of the Night, Shattered Mirror, and Demon in My View.Before Jamaica Lane, 2014 (E Adesso Ci Sei Tu, 2015).The saga is original and sufficiently complex to sustain several novels, and Roman clearly sets the story up for his sequels.When competition from other Italian restaurants forces her to close the doors, Quincie and her uncle plan to reopen the restaurant with a vampire theme.