black mesa half life 2 comparison

Why does it feel so much worse now than it did before?
I've seen these types of mod projects before.
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My answer, as it turns out, is Black Mesa did it better.I tried to run to the ammo crate and back to the safe spot, but didn't make.It's only when you actually try to play it that it falls flat, caught between trying to be its own thing and adhering to the basic gameplay of the original.One of the first scenes, where a scientist is bending over something bloody on a stretcher, just sent chills up my spine.So last weekend, after I finally resolved to finish Black Mesa (in grim silence I also resolved that I should play through the original Half-life completely unmodified on Hard difficulty.Change for the sake of change.

Black Mesa does two things so right I never even realise they were "things" to begin with.There are no locked doors leading to other sections that I can't access.All the game code for Half-life was already available in the mod SDK.65 12 comments, it took a while, but I finally did.There were several times that I breezed through an area in Half-life on Hard that had been a nightmare on Normal in Black Mesa.Let me see if I can explain why.My entire time moving through the Route Canal felt surreal.At some point, however, this mod project seemed to grow way beyond this simple scope and premise.All the data they needed about how difficult their game should be was available to them in the original game.Anyway, this is why my enthusiasm for this mod was tempered to begin with.