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This is a must have for all students of editor on fire rocksmith magick and spellcraft.
Sex Magick The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra CD-ROM.
Develop Your Psychic Occult Powers CD-ROM.The Coloring Book of Shadows is a canvas to personalize and create.Complete Course in Hypnosis CD-ROM.NSA Declassified CD-ROM, while it isn't really a magickal topic, the Internet is full of viruses and hackers wanting to use your computer for their own diabolical aims.Hundreds of spells plus pagan information and occult resources.283, pins.32k, followers, we have created these pages for our customers and friends.The Course in Hypnosis CD-ROM is a step-by-step guide to mastering hypnosis.In the world of hypnosis, anything is possible.Stop smoking, cure illnesses, relieve depression, or just have fun!More than 14 full length windows 7 iso burner bootable books on the rest of the.

More than 10,000 time-honored entries provide explanations of common dream symbols.Let your journey unfold as you color crystals, herbs, potions, and other magical elements, and reflect on beautifully framed note pages.Price: Free* *Requires Shipping and Handling windows media audio 10 codec Learn More About the Book of Shadows CD-ROM "Thanks I just received the stuff in the mail yesterday and I was very pleased with the order.Additional free* CD-roms We Offer, ancient Secrets from Ascended Masters CD-ROM.Over 160 full length books containing all of the wisdom of the ancient ones.Book of Shadows CD-ROM by Sapphire.Sex Magick is the ancient tradition of using sexual energies towards an intended goal and this CD-ROM shows you how to master this ancient art.Find out how to protect your PC, the NSA way!It may sound overly simple, but coloring is an easy practice to get yourself into the flow of creativity.Herbal Encyclopedia CD-ROM, the Herbal Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive source of herbal information available on any CD-ROM!When you color, youre doing a simple exercise in visualization and thats the first step to manifestation and magic.