books onto my ipad

If you have the Kindle reader running on your iPad you may need to end the task and restart the app before the books appear in the list.
NOW when you buy Kindle books at Amazon you will be able to have them delivered to the Kindle app on the Ipad (since the app is now registered to you).Choose the Books tab.If you go to Cloud, you will see all of the books on your Amazon account.Kindle reader apps and devices can only be registered to ONE Amazon account and can only access the Kindle books purchased by (or gifted to) that one account.You can sync all books in your library with your iPad or iPhone, or choose the select books you want to sync.Right now the Kindle app on your iPad is probably still registered to your aunt's Amazon account.Best Answer: The only ID that matters for Kindle books is what Amazon account the Kindle app registered.They will immediately start to download.It is a free program available for the Mac and PC that allows you to copy files to and from the directory structure of your iPad/iPhone.If you want to keep all of the Kindle books your aunt already has in the Kindle reader.Leave the Kindle app registered to your aunt's Amazon account and have her buy the ebooks you want at Amazon.

OR from your own Amazon account you could gift the Kindle books you want to her Amazon account (you choose the Gift button at Amazon instead of the Buy button) but note - she may need to go on Amazon to accept the gift and.Apps/Kindle/Documents/eBooks, in the eBooks folder, copy the Prabhupada book files the.prc files from the download to this folder.Sideloading is simply a fancy term for copying an eBook file from your computer or email account onto an eReader device.This information will be in the settings of the Kindle reader app.If you have already purchased Kindle books, go to Manage Your Kindle on Amazon and each of your purchases to your newly registered reader app.Posted in: eBook FAQ, copyright inferno witch doctor build 1.07 Barking Rain Press.I would now do a Sync or visit the Amazon store in the reader to make sure it connects to the internet and send its registration info to your Amazon account.If you want to load.ePub eBook file you have purchased from a source other than iTunes onto your iPad or iPhone, you will need to sideload.