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Barnes, PL/I for Programmers, North-Holland, 1979.
IBM, PL/I for OS/2: Language Reference, 1994 edition IBM, PL/I for OS/2: Built-in Functions, 1994 edition IBM, VisualAge PL/I Language Reference, Version.1, 1998 edition.
Some are: this question is under construction.It's a subset of PL/I, of course, because it had to fit in 64K originally (I think).DR PL/I is a subset of PL/I, of course, because it had to fit in 64K originally (I think).Eventually the compiler will handle the full PL/I language plus extensions from other compilers.The disc was first published in October 1996, and was last updated in January 2005.The reformatter is a standalone product, is easy to use, and does the job in a few seconds.also available from IBM as Enterprise PL/I.(Q5) What textbooks are available?For PC, Workstation and Mainframe, emulatore mac per windows 7 Vieweg-Teubner, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2009.Ziegler, PL/I: Structured Programming and Problem Solving, West, 1986, isbn.Users can inquire.A draft of the dissertation thesis.Sparc Solaris.x - available from Liant Software Corporation.1, dOI:.83 pln text (PDF zbynk lajchrt.The first manuals (for the first compiler, the IBM PL/I (F) compiler) called it PL/I, not PL/1.To order PL/I: IBM PL/I provides compatible, cross-platform, cross-product compilers that support z/OS, OS/390, VM, VSE/ESA, AS/400, AIX, and Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000.
Other sites also had it, but may no longer be active: m/nalcott/ Discus Distribution.

Older versions of Liant Open PL/I exist for Unix variants, sold off-the-shelf with limited support.The following are good PL/I reference manuals.To post a comment, send.Groner, PL/I Programming in Technological Applications, Books on Demand, Ann Arbor, MI, 1971.IBM AS/400 - available from IBM.Retrived from: Liskov,.Retrieved from: Martin,.Corbato's paper on choice of PL/I as a systems programming language is worth a read.