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And then we can look at ones that are potentially duplicated.
So this is the other spreadsheet, this is my content audit template.
Also, when youre setting up Mobile Friend, and Mobile PageSpeed, for the first time, there are a few extra couple steps.And then you can go ahead and again just do like we did before where you highlight all of line 6 pod manual them and you can stretch them out.Navigate, a Game of Thrones (Book #1 A Song of Ice and Fire).The Eye Of The World (Book 1: The Wheel of Time).And then we look at the items that have the sentiment that is, there are a couple ways you can.Again, you can pull all this same data straight from Google analytics and search console.So we want to make sure were looking at, all right.The other thing too, when you have this information, you have your keywords.And notice here that all these sales end up before.You could also go back in and look at that alt text, and determine whether or not they need any type of help.George RR Martins A Song of Ice and Fire audio books equate to roughly 187 hours, but when you have huge lawn to mow or have a 14 hour flight to sit through, listening stories about Westeros can make it seem almost enjoyable.We have mobile friendly, inaudible 00:19:57, speed, mobile speed score right here.
And then we have prioritized, sort by total impressions, and heres why.

Everything looks like it belongs.So we can sort things here by difficulty.Or maybe you dont want to shoot in Bellview or whatever it is, you can opt out and put things down the list.Sentence count, paragraph count, and reading time.Were going to look at things with the sentiment thats negative.Now, in this example, I will be doing a content audit for m and over here I have her sitemap, as identified right here.There are different ways to do that in Google Sheets.And so now we get into some deeper elements here.Very rarely do you do this in the first round and find stuff that you leave alone.
Now if you want to, you can set that threshold a little bit lower if you want to, if you want to go to the 70s and 60s.
All right, so then we look at the next one we can look at here is going to be meta description.