coc update december 10

I will attempt to keep updating this page as soon as possible whenever we have new new Sneak Peek.
Now, what remains to be quicktime 7 for mac seen is how will the massive changes coming in the TH 11 update alter the game.X-Bow reload costs dramatically reduced (70).Some expect things to be pretty much the same, but the majority of those commenting around the web feel that these changes will be substantial.Leaked Sneak Peeks We will have 1 new Barrack and 2 Dark Spell Factory in total.When the Artillery shoots, a target reticle briefly appears on the enemy it's aiming, which might help you protect those targets.New Buildings Level, storages level 12, Laboratory level 9 and Wizard Tower level 9 will be available soon.Hi guys, Today, November 23rd 2015, is the first day of the 2-week sneak peek schedule of the.Donate Spells, all Clan Castle from level 4 can be donated Dark Spell.
Clash of Clans December Update with Town Hall 11, the new Hero, the new Defense, According to Supercell, this new update is absolutely packed with lots of changes which aim to improve the way we play Clash of Clans.

The EA has a relatively-short dead-zone around it, but its range is the whole map.Your village will get the Village Guard automatically once the Shield expires.This takes a decent amount of Shield time.The granted Village Guard time depends on your league.Higher league longer time.After weeks of waiting and two full weeks of sneak peeks, we finally have the date that Supercell will drop the.Other new changes All traps now can be rearmed with much less price (75 rearm cost redution).So, placement will be crucial both to protect it and to keep enemy troops outside its dead-zone.Due to the new Town Hall 11 and we dont have enough space to deploy troops properly at Town Hall 10, we will have a bigger map.
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