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JimmyBlackwing ( talk ) 00:37, (UTC) @ JimmyBlackwing : Red Phoenix used a couple of EGM sources in "Reception" and I did some digging to find the handful of EGM sources used elsewhere, while early Next Generation from the Internet Archive is actually one.
But that makes even less sense.
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Czar 15:21, (UTC) Awesome.
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The core of this discussion should have been whether WP:VG article guidelines allow rumors.The magazine already ran a piece comparing the differences between Groudon, Kyogre and the new art renderings on the games' box art." Artichoker talk 03:17, (UTC) I was under the impression that CC was reliable, and the issue was more that it was a "leak".Last updated 141 score 93 votes 3 diamonds 152 views 0 comments 0 favorited players (9/100) last ping posted by Sunnyewe Established on PMC.mysql_get_client_info - Vráci informaci o MySQL uivateli.If they're wrong, they'll issue a retraction.Blake ( Talk Edits ) 16:33, (UTC) This is exactly why I got involved in a Pokemon dispute.Anyway, I think it's a definite improvement, but I've only done it for this page, so if anyone objects we can discuss it here czar 14:43, (UTC) Sega CD needs a source review It's at WP:FAC, and just needs a source review for reliability.That said, "List of Minecraft mods" *could* be one of potential as long as the only mods that are included are those recognized by third-party sources (akin to List of Source engine mods where the requirement to be on the list is a notable article.My suggestions : This is extreme, but we really need to clean this mess.How in the world could you possibly hope for constructive discussion to stem from that?Here, have this jazz.
If it's typically okay to include rumors on articles, as long as they're backed by a reliable source and explicitly as a rumor by the source, then I don't see why this wouldn't be allowed in the same way.
Matters regarding my personal behavior as my patience wears as this conversation drags on should not be matters of discussion here which regards sourcing of a particular article.