compare two word documents 2010 side side

To see two or more documents displayed on the screen at the same time, select the View tab and click the Arrange All button.
To open a second window on a single document, click the View tab.
Using the Arrange All command is fine for a few documents, but for too many, you end up with a useless mess.
Under Show changes in, click Original document.Combine revisions from multiple authors into a single document instead.The document with the highlighted title bar is the one on top.Software, microsoft Office, word, how to Work with Multiple Documents in Word 2013.Any differences are shown in tracked changes.More will be the default options for comparison the next time you compare documents.Lasso them with the mouse, or Ctrlclick to select multiple documents.You can use the same shortcut to switch the positions of the left-hand and right-hand documents: click in the right-hand document to make it the active document then press AltWT.In the second document, click where you want to add the copied content, and choose Home Paste Merge Formatting to make the new content match whats already there.The changes you make in one window are updated in the second.You can even open a third window by choosing the New Window command again.How to compare two documents side by side.On the View tab, in the Window group, click the View Side by Side button.Heres how to accomplish this trick: Open both documents.
You can close either window :1 or :2; it doesnt quick macro 6.60 key matter.
If you have a document open in Word 2007 or Word 2010 and you open another document, that second document is displayed in the same window as the first.

To split a window, click the Split button.The document is still open and available for editing in the other window.Even though two windows are open, youre still working on only one document.In the Open dialog box, select multiple documents to open.You can move the split up or down by dragging it with the mouse).Microsoft Word to compare two DOC text files.In the Label unmarked changes with box, type a name or phrase so youll know who suggested the changes.Combine documents by copying and pasting To merge two different documents into one file, copy the contents of one document and paste it into the other.