cool er firmware update

The H100i comes with thermal material already applied to the CPU cooling unit, so when you are ready to mount the CPU cooling unit, remove the plastic shielding that covers the thermal material and use the 4x thumbscrews to secure it to the mounting bolts.
Step 5: You will be prompted to install the update.
In this artice I will be installing the cooler into.Tags: cool-ER, related: cool ER, cool-er e-Book Reader, cool-er Ebook Reader Review booq_Cómo actualizar_4 eBook Reader Reviews Cooler Digital Books Reader.This is useful if you do not want to use up all of your internal USB.0 headers on the motherboard.Each adapter will support two fans, and by plugging the fans directly into the fan power adapter cable and into the cooling unit, you will be able to monitor and control the H100i fans through the Corsair Link V2 software.Click on the Downloads tab and you will find the latest firmware update and Corsair Link V2 software version.The sata power connector should be connected directly to an available sata power cable from your PSU, and the 3 pin (with only a single sensor wire) fan connector should be plugged into your CPU fan header on the motherboard.The folders/files aren't in the correct place on the SD card.The cooling unit itself has two cables to plug in, a sata power connector, and a pump sensor cable.My only suggestion is to try again - you may have done something wrong.Corsair Link devices in your system.The backplate for the H100i is adjustable and can be configured for any of the supported socket types.If your case does not have a backplate cutout to access the rear of the motherboard, then you will want to mount the backplate before installing the motherboard into your case.The H100i ships with two different mounting brackets one for Intel sockets, and one for AMD.If your system is already set up to have sufficient exhaust, indian history questions and answers pdf then you can experiment with mounting the fans on top of the radiator where they can push art of negotiation book cooler air from outside of the case down through the radiator.Step 1: Open the QuietCool app and tap on the fan youd like to update.The devices can be a little picky for one of several reasons: Your SD card is 4gb (for update purposes the reader prefers smaller cards).
If you are going to set up a push pull configuration (fans mounted on both sides of the radiator or you are mounting the fans on top of the radiator then you will want to use the longer mounting screws in the following order: Screw.

Once the update is complete you can verify the firmware version in the About page.The video has been edited.Since our motherboard uses the LGA 2011 socket, we do not need to use the included H100i backplate.If you are using a motherboard with socket LGA 2011, or any AMD based motherboard, then no backplate is required.Both of the brackets attach to the cooling unit magnetically, so just slide the correct bracket over the cooling unit and it should snap into place.If you mount the radiator with the fans on the bottom, then it might be easiest to mount the fans to the radiator before installing the radiator into the case, which is what I did for this installation.The other connector is a Corsair Link expansion port.You can see in the picture below that all four double sided mounting bolts have been screwed in directly to the standard LGA 2011 socket.There are two sets of double sided mounting bolts, one set has equal length threads on each side of the bolt and are used when the supplied Corsair backplate is being used.For LGA 2011, you will want to use the other set of double sided mounting bolts, the set which has one short threaded side and one longer.
Simply line up the pins with the holes on the CPU bracket and tighten it down with the supplied thumb screws.