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On the surface, this is an innocuous book, full of good intentions: it is a book featuring different stories about diverse PoC characters (including its protagonist).Plus, another character also wins THE lottery BY THE WAY.And because I'm the world's largest cheapskate, you can guess where I went.I saw a book, and then went online and found it cheaper at a large online retailer who I won't name but shares its name with a rainforest.I went into Waterstones and didn't buy anything!But in this, Willow is a girl.Jboo1698, tuesday.00 GMT First published on Tuesday.00 GMT.She is then taken into the care of the fostering system of the state, which surprisingly she knows nothing about, and is then forced to question her ideals of what a family really.Which brings me to my last point.Original review posted on, the Book Smugglers, warning: this review contains spoilers.To view it, click here.I had three main problems with the novel: Dells counselling theories that go basically unchallenged; the novels ending; and its strange relationship with money.The story is centred on Willows specialness despite her oddness she is extremely endearing and moves everybody around her that they all end up changing their lives for the better.This is grating and confusing within the context of the novel because the Pattie that was presented to the reader throughout the novel is not someone who would impose such hardships (living in a garage!) on her own children for NO good reason.It is also a beautiful story about different kinds of families, about deep connections that can be formed between people from different walks of life and above all, it is about surviving adversity.
He turns out to be the guy who is going to be the little girls skyrim npc editor mac adoptive father.
This extraordinarily odd but extraordinarily endearing girl manages to push through her grief.

In the end, the revelation that Pattie had tons of money all along and all of their money problems are magically solved undermines the topic of dealing with poverty.Create a list, by, holly Goldberg Sloan, willow Chance is a 12-year-old genius, obsessed with nature and diagnosing medical conditions, who finds it comforting to count.This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.The storyline, however, was crafted nicely and it was a charming tale to read.It's not the most exciting book to read, but I liked it and I will probably keep up with whatever Holly has to offer next.Has it got something to do with the back story you get in the first 70 pages?Her journey to find a fascinatingly diverse and fully believable surrogate family is a joy and a revelation to read.I do have comments on it, as I always do with most books, so I will share.The Money issue: one of the main topics of the novel is the question of poverty and how it affects peoples lives.But when you come down from that high, you hit rock bottom fast and furious.more).Surviving adversity despite poverty is one of the main drives of the novel and one of the connecting points between characters.
The ending: in the end, Pattie ends up adopting Willow.