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The Grumps somehow avoid the hint ring, walk around cakewalk sonar x3 producer edition crack the entire lake, avoid the hint ring again, go away from the lake, explore the then-irrelevant hub stage, and complain that the game design is unclear.
Jon has one in Family Feud where Arin enters "layer" as an answer and the game accepts it as a Remote Control Car.
Jon's reaction says it all.
Suzy comes in and kisses him on the cheek* Egoraptor: *blushing, meekly* I'm not so grump.Suzy takes the prize by having the nicest hat of minecraft multiplayer hunger games them all.Trying to fight its endless summons instead the boss itself,.Cue rave-like video of Arin's cats while Jon and Arin start singing Space Jam songs.Sonic '06 #46: Jon: You died in a fucking shallow pond, you piece of shit, you imbecile, you useless piece OF fucking oats!
I can't help it if I like the chest-bear of a man, muscular and strong!
From getting "peed" on by Danny to getting drilled through the mouth to being held at gunpoint by Ninja fucking Brian.

This was lampshaded in the first episode they released for Kirby and the channel as a whole; Jon welcomes them to "the first episode and then notes that they now have to make it the first episode because he said it would.This puts Jon's love of birds in a completely different perspective.Nice." Dan has recently taken a liking to the phrase "We're playing the Feud!Until an odd taste alerts them to the bittering agent it contains.Jon : Fucking optimus fucking prime?!Fast-Forward Gag : Employed in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) episodes (along with an appropriately sped up version of City Escape) to quickly move through spots they've already been in or have consistently blundered through.Since the Dennis The Menace episode, "GET outta here!" "Mycaruba" came up quite a lot in the early Dan-era videos.Nixon and Dixon Heroic Second Wind : Danny pulls one off in the fight against.Although his Whitewater probe has produced only three convictions.Danny calls the biplanes "1940s Red Baron planes" and the jet airliners "747s".
This started as an actual mistake, then they decided to roll with.
They end up at what looks like an unfinished level; after going back and forth through it about three times they start to leave, then Arin hears something behind him and looks around to see hat the previously empty and featureless landscape has now become.