cs 1.6 awp crosshair skin ekleme

Oyna girin, aWP Crosshair ekle nmi olacak artk zoom açmadanda awp ile adam vurabilirsiniz.
Don't block me this hud in included in *that GUI.
But, crosshair helps taking quickzoom shots (m1m2), and for aim correction while not zoomed.
Oh god please don't block me ohh that hud is created by you?Not: model dosyas sxeden geçmez sxe model geçirmek için tklayn.Posted by, anari001 * *Posted.No 4y *Posted by, anari001 * *Posted.In cs1.5, awp got crosshair, if you have played.5 for long time-you have an idea where the crosshair should.Wait a sec I will send you.Btw, I requested you to make this radar in green color -any progress in that?Anyway, For those who started playing cs from.6 version, this model will help practicing 4y *Posted by anari001 * *Posted by Kokorov.Yes, i think every cs player knows that.Its my favorite :D.The hud looks cool.Zip dosyasn arivden çkartn çkan v_l ve w_l dosyalarn.6 kurulu yere girin, valve cstrike models klasörüne atn ve gelen uyarda tümüne evet diyip geçin.Download if you want.10/10, mantra 4y *Posted by, kokorov.

Rar ifresi: m sXe Hatasna kar orjinal awp dosyasn yüklemek isterseniz tklayn.Its my favorite :D 4y *Posted by YellowJello * Not that it makes any difference, seeing how the bullets don't go where you're aiming unless you're zoomed.Download if you want Ohh in that, could you at least credit me?4y *Posted by, popBag * will I be banned by VAC?Oh pc doctor dublin 15 god please don't block me 10/10 Mantra 4y *Posted by Kokorov.Awp aim ekleme ndirdiiniz awp-crosshair.
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