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You might use our Censoring the Press (PDF) handout to help.
They can look closely at an issue covered in red alert 2 windows 7 menu fix The Times and brainstorm possible solutions together, using our Problem-Solution handout (PDF) to take notes.
Download, tnpsc Current Affair August 2017 (Tamil).
Be a Journalist Yourself: Perhaps the most powerful way to engage with current events is to document them yourself, as a student journalist.3) Willing to travel extensively and experience in virtual working patterns during outstation travel.Interpret Editorial Cartoons and Op-Art: Patrick Chappatte publishes editorial cartoons on topics ranging from isis to the Ukraine.Our Poetry Pairings and Text to Text lesson plans can provide inspiration, as can our Classic Literature posts.Alternatively, they can create a classroom gallery of photographs, maps, infographics, articles, editorial cartoons, essays, videos and whatever else they can find to immerse others in the topic.Start With What Students Already Know: Students are often aware of current events on their own, even before topics come up in school.Pdf (97.96 MB the Economist Europe - Business, Politics, Finance, current affairs, Science, Ttechnology and the Arts (7-13 December 2013 (HQ pdf) (79.65MB ) current affairs (407.60 KB ) current affairs 2014-List of Cabinet Ministers of India 2014 Modi's Cabinet.Our, reading Log (PDF) might also help.Download tnpsc Current Affair April 2017 (English) Download tnpsc Current Affair March 2017 (Tamil) Download tnpsc Current Affairs February 2017 Download tnpsc Current Affairs January 2017 Download tnpsc Current Affairs December 2016 Download tnpsc Current Affairs November 2016 Download tnpsc Current Affairs October 2016 Download.Download, tnpsc Current Affair May 2017 (Tamil).Pair the News With Literature and Poetry: Encourage students to look for connections between literary themes and current events.
Then, in December, students can take our annual year-end news quiz, like this one from 2015.
Read About News-Making Teenagers: Every month we publish a collection of all the recent Times articles and multimedia that feature teenagers.

Then they can work together to draft a policy proposal, perhaps one that suggests a local solution to the problem, and present it to the class or to the school board or city council.Classrooms can track point scores and trade countries using the resources on the Fantasy Geopolitics site, a game created by Eric Nelson, a social studies teacher in Minnesota.Connect the Past to Today: Help students tie what theyre studying in history class to whats going on in the world today.Photographs, Illustrations, Videos and Infographics Photo What's going on in this picture?We offer numerous resources to help, including: ideas for different classroom debate formats ; ways to use The Times Room for Debate feature in the classroom; and a graphic organizer for gathering evidence on both sides of an argument (PDF).Consider Censorship Through Any Days Front Page: What if we didnt have freedom of the press?When delving into a subject, start by asking students what theyve heard or seen, and what questions they already have.Alternatively, you might prefer to select your own news photos.Explore a Particular Community: Find reporting on a community of which youre a member whether an ethnic, religious, professional, school or artistic group, or any other and analyze how it has been reported.Create a News-Inspired Theatrical Performance: Whether a simple monologue or a full Readers Theater event, our series, Drama Strategies to Use With Any Days Times, can help you use simple theater exercises to spur discussion and thinking about current events.Take Informed Action: When students become more informed about the world, they can get inspired to become civically active and engaged in their communities.
Compare News Sources: Different papers, magazines and websites treat the news differently.
Then, set aside time for students to share their picks with a partner, or even with a wider audience through social media.