cyberlink powerdirector 12 review

Its particularly handy for whizzy intros and outros.
The standard video editor also includes beat detection, which puts markers on the timeline at music beats so you can synchronize clip action.
The program lets you choose which track's audio should be used, or you can import a separate audio track.
And then you choose what you want to follow the tracked object.Still, for the most part the MultiCam Designer works very well; theres plenty of power here, yet its still quite simple to operate.As with goodgame poker hack kostenlos just about every effect, you can use keyframes to gradually ease in and out of these mask effects.There are nine Express Projects available for download, including Action, Extreme, Round the World, Wedding, Adventure, Anniversary, and Love.PhotoDirector in the Director Suite bundle, which lists for 299.99.This is similar to a tool that appeared in the last version of Adobe Premiere Elements.Pinnacle Studio, the only other consumer editor I know of with clut support, starts you out with a good selection of the effects, by comparison.I'll discuss and evaluate each in the appropriate sections below.The fisheye fix has an advantage over GoPro's own video editor in that it cuts off less of the edge of the screen, and in my test shot it distorted faces less than the GoPro software.Subclips are in separate tracks, but you can't adjust the cut points there without losing footage and messing up the synchronization.Clicking on up, down, left, and right, arrows alters your point of view, and clicking the center of the arrow control snaps the view to straight.Requirements : Minimum 1024x768 resolution, 3GB RAM for 32-bit OS/ 6GB RAM for 64-bit OS, 10 GB free hard drive space (20 GB recommended) for DVD production, 60 GB (100 GB recommended) for Blu-ray Disc/avchd production.Its wealth of powerful tools would be enough to give it a strong recommendation, but the speed with which PowerDirector handles editing and rendering digital movies really gives it the upper hand in the face of many competing products.Weve talked about the headline new features, but of course there are other enhancements on offer.You can lock, disable/enable view, or rename tracks from the left track-info area, and you can even use drag and drop to move them up and down on the timeline.PowerDirector has a Stop Motion effect in the Action Camera Center, but it's not like Corel VideoStudio's real stop-motion tool, which lets you create your own Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
The timeline is easy to customize and navigate, with a button for adding tracks.
Import your source files into the Media Room, organize them on the 100 track timeline, and apply hundreds of effects and transitions by dragging and dropping: its all very easy.

Accessed from the Plug-ins button, the Video Collage Designer shows templates with your clips on the side.The most 360-degree video capabilities of any video editor.Following on from version 11, which began to set its sights on even higher levels, the new iteration adds even more high-end features.The tool is a separate applet, accessible via the new Plugins icon.Unlike Premiere Elements, PowerDirector can import, edit, display, and produce 3D video.You get a tooltip with five options: Overwrite, Insert, Insert and Move All Clips, Crossfade, and Replace.For projects that you intend to output in 360-degree format, you can still use the basic trimming, splitting, and joining editing tools, but there are a bunch of PowerDirector features you cannot use: Magic Movie, video cropping (think about it and content-aware editing.Instead, it automatically lowers background audio during dialog on another track.This is useful for creating graphically intensive sequences with elaborate picture-in-picture effects.We downloaded our review copy.
You can independently adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, and white balance.
And although the standard background music is generally annoying, and often too short, you can always add your own.