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Building Your Own Home Theater, evan Powell, back to plan game client 1.0 0.1 Selecting Aspect Ratio.
Projector screen height: To calculate the projection screen height, from the known width, multiply the width.57.
For example, if you are comfortable sitting ten feet from an 8-foot wide.4 screen, you will probably have a similar comfort level (as far as consumer behavior and marketing strategy 9th edition pdf eyestrain is concerned) sitting twelve feet from an 8-foot wide 16:9 screen.
Diagonal Size of a home theater projection screen: 110".Now here is one of the most important points to be made in this article: The optimum screen size and viewing distance for your theater depends on the aspect ratio you choose.Let's focus on this for a moment.Projector screen width:.87 x 100" 87 inches.In many rooms it is easy to install a screen that fills the full width of the wall, or at least 90 of it, only to find that the room is not deep enough to position the seating comfortably for long term viewing.That means the ideal screen size depends not only on the width of the room, but the depth of the room.If you choose a screen that is too small, it's not a critical mistake.If you know projection screen width, and need to calculate diagonal size and height of the screen: Projector screen diagonal: To calculate the projector screen diagonal from the known width, divide the width.87.View: Sidebar Tabs - start / /.title-small margin-bottom: 0; / / View: Sidebar Tabs - end / / / / View: Manufacturers List Sidebar Mobile Only - start / /.mfglist.row div padding: 0;.mfglist.row div p font-size: 1rem; font-weight: 200; margin: 0;.mfglist.row border-bottom.They are slightly rounded for your convenience.All calculations are based on the screen area, and do not include the borders or frame. .Projector screen diagonal: 80 " /.87 92 ".
Width of a home theater projection screen: 80".

Examples: Width of a home theater projector screen: 100".However, you can't make a final decision on aspect ratio without also determining your screen's optimal size, and your desired viewing distance from.Projector screen height:.495 x 110".5".With this as a preamble, let's go to Part 2 and focus on just how big your screen should actually.Examples: Diagonal Size of a home theater projector screen: 100".16 /.78 (rounded) If you know your projector screen's diagonal size: Projector Screen Height: To calculate the projector screen height, multiply the diagonal by approximately.495.Over a long period of viewing time, a screen that is too large for the viewing distance will produce eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and a desire to take breaks or stop watching the picture.Enter the measurement that you know and the other two will be calculated.However, going with a screen that is too large can be a serious headache, literally.
Projector screen height:.495 x 100".5 inches.
The 16:9 screen has more surface area, more vertical height-35 more to be exact.