distribution list outlook 2007 disappeared

If ever you accidentally delete a distribution list, go to your deleted items but scroll down to the date you actually created the distribution list - that is where it lies in wait for you to find it!
Adding Other Contacts Folders, automatic name checking, notes.
In Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, or Outlook 2002, look for the Automatic Name Checking option.
It's used most often when you click the To button on an open message.It seems that it is entirely too easy for people to delete their contacts in Outlook.There is no prompt to make sure that you actually want to delete your contacts, which apparently Microsoft is looking into.Send button or press, altK.I am running MS Outlook 2007.0.6300.5000 SP1 MSO technochic, sounds like the "home grown application" is interfering somehow.If anyone else is to have this problem, the solution is extraordinarily norman security suite 10 uninstall easy.I feel like such an idiot.In Corporate/Workgroup mode, it shows only those contacts with either resolved e-mail addresses or fax numbers.Please enter an answer.Outlook Address Book tab.Newer versions of Outlook are all "corporate mode" and the Outlook Address Book works exactly the same in each.

You can enter a new, name of the address book to make it easier to distinguish from other Contacts folders.Thank you so much Mr Groovy and Shockersh for your replies, and for anyone else who read about my plight and tried to help.Right-click on the name and choose the correct person.Register Here or login if you are already a member.Automatic name checking, you can configure Outlook to look for matching contacts when you tab out of the.The Microsoft Outlook Address Book is a container that includes the main Contacts folder and any others you add.Outlook automatically makes the default Contacts folder available through the Address Book dialog, but you can also add other folders containing contacts to your address book.Display Other User's Contacts in Address Book Notes The OAB behaves slightly differently in the two Outlook 98/2000 modes.