doed xbox 360 games work on xbox one

Occasional framerate hitches during full motion videos.
However, there is a solution for this that includes unlocking the level select menu by accumulating 20 hours of gameplay.
The only restrictions to the full Xbox 360 games catalogue being take a screenshot on a mac ported over is peripherals.
NBA Street V3 Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Game stutters on its initial load.The Japanese version of the Xbox 360 console was compatible with only 12 games, while the European version had 156 games.These profiles are downloaded from Xbox Live, or are downloaded manually from m and burned on CD or DVD can 3ds play ds games recordable media.Also to note; Spotter can only be heard through headset.Minor framedrop during gameplay.For those looking for a bit of nostalgia amongst all their new and shiny gaming goodness, we could be seeing plenty more available.Cutscenes are glitchy during the party on "The Exchange" level when in widescreen.Minor graphical bug: the loading screen bars don't seem to fill, still loads and plays however.Forza itself seems to sport varying levels of anti-aliasing with very uneven framerate in some tracks.
However, the non-Xbox One snapped game definitely lags this is something.

Chaos Iron Brigade J Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Jet Set Radio Jetpac Refuelled Joe Danger: Special Edition Joe Danger 2: The Movie Joust Joy Ride Turbo juju Just Cause 2 K Kameo Kane Lynch 2: Dog Days Killer Is Dead The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate.Original Xbox titles black BloodRayne 2 Crimson Skies Dead to Rights Fuzion Frenzy Grabbed by the Ghoulies Ninja Gaiden Black Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Psychonauts Red Faction 2 Sid Meier's Pirates!Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 Yes Yes No Yes Unknown tmnt No Unknown No Yes No Saving doesn't work.Also, split-screen play is extremely difficult to play due to graphical glitches for 2nd-4th players.Original Xbox framerate is unattainable but the closest framerate can be achieved by playing with composite video.If the player does not zoom in, they will NOT be able to see their creation at all.When the game is not spinning the disc, the game plays great with little issue.The sound of robot masters' voices often ends up highly distorted.That means that you will need to purchase extra controllers for same screen multiplayer action.Attempting to run the included Tao Feng and MechAssault demos results in being sent back to the Xbox 360 dashboard.Small, faint, vertical lines visible in the distance.