dungeon siege 2 hotfix mod

Note however, the Kohl Beast from the addon has different abilities, and before removing this mod you also have to reduce the pet's inventory content that it fits on one (the first) page.
This installer enabled a user friendly way of distributing the mod which didnt impinge on the copyright of Square-Enix or the original publisher of Dungeon Siege, Microsoft.
The mod has been in development for more than 3 years, beginning with the first Alpha version of the Utraean Peninsula map released in March 2010 by KillerGremal, which featured mainly DS2 monsters and npcs with a few converted original Dungeon Siege monsters like the.Main MOD authors, killerGremal, Iryan and Phoenix.Compatibility with Steam versions of the game hasnt been verified.Kingdom of Ehb, Utraean Peninsula and Yesterhaven are playable from Dungeon Siege and Legends of Aranna is playable if the user has that expansion pack installed.I hope nobody has something against when i'm opening here a thread about the Hotfix Mod resp.Editing Game Templates using Notepad, the first public beta version of the Legendary Pack, then known as the DS1 Map Pack, was daniel tosh tour 2015 canada released in March 2012.The installer would detect the presence of Dungeon Siege or Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, and automatically copy and convert the necessary resources required to play the original maps in Dungeon Siege 2 or Broken World with minimal input from the user.Unfortunately the Morden seem to have notice of this and even if they didn't care about these escaped pets the Morden won't tolerate the salvage activities and so they will surely send out an invasion force to erase the outpost.
Actually I rather would say it's over, however smaller bugs/lacks probably still will be fixed.
Even prior to this a lot of work by famous modders like Elys, helped lay the foundations necessary to convert the maps, models and assets from Dungeon Siege so they could be used by the more advanced DS2 engine.

Recently an installer was created using CreateInstall, an installation maker created by Novostrim.The Dungeon Siege Legendary Pack has extensive compatibility with the large library of fan made modifications already available for Dungeon Siege.It involved a rather convoluted process of converting the original Dungeon Siege assets for use in DS2 which made it a bit intimidating for new users not familiar with modding Dungeon Siege.Due to the DS2 content restriction this pet is not exactly the same as in the addon.Org, installation requirements, it is important to note that the mod requires that the original games are installed prior to setup as original assets and maps have to be converted in order for them to be playable in Dungeon Siege.But heal them (supposed you can at all) only as long as they are blue glowing, otherwise a mouse-click will make them talking again.Quest related note: Usually all actors are able to talk, during a battle vampires dawn 2 game however they may be surrounded by a blue light - then they expect to be healed.