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This dataupdate is built by all the members of sortitoutsi.
Its possible to set both time and date for replays.
So it changes the main data.
Its possible to create an end of season Super Cup.Just find a player or staff member via our online database and choose the relevent option under "Data Update Changes".Oh and tool tips that will help klondike hack nk generator 2013 explain some of the options in the editor that you might not understand.Prize money can be set for winning, losing and drawing.Theres now an option to mass-edit a regional division.Every member of the site (including you) is able to submit transfers to our system for inclusion in the data update.Different coaching roles have been added.Competition rules relegation based on average points (Opening / Closing format).Wages can now be displayed as annual, monthly or weekly.It should already nba playoffs 2013 games come up as the default option.Theres an option to name individual cup rounds.

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So much has changed that rather than doing a video blog about it, the best way to tell you all about this is to simply list the new changes, so here they are: More advanced editing options: Advanced competition rules are now editable (which means.Search for competition by competition level.Different retirement options have been added.If you already follow me on Twitter you will have seen some of the fun you can have cheating using the in-game editor!Save is to create a new save for that editor data (which you would then select on start up in the menu) merge is to merge that data with the main file.If you notice an error or want to help contribute to the Data Update you can.
New search / column options: Search for players contract wage, search for players on loan, search for people by nation of birth.