eight marbles fart game

Female fighters gifted with the ability to use their farts, hips, and butts as weapons in a martial art tournament battle it out against each other.
Eight Marbles 2X - All Fart Super Moves ยป.
Taunt, sD, itachi strikes a pose.For example, one special attack has the attacker shrink the opponent down instantly, catching them between her and her sister's buttcheeks and farting back and forth on the captured victim.Other farty stuff should be submitted to other fart groups.Please give us all of your marbles!There are still about three supers that I have no idea how to pull off for Mononobe, Megaira, and Kara, but hopefully I'll figure them out soon.

Not alone are they, however as other fighters are there as well, who do not possess fart based abilites, but have entered this tournament of dreams knowing the risks to their olfactory receptors.That's in your hands.To ease your pain in learning these moves, 858 included a guide to all the moves in the game, gundam seed destiny episode 36 and even took it a step further by adding shortcuts to attacks for those who do not wish to input arrow commands or different movements.She shares concepts with the Kamaitachi, by being one of the fastest characters in the game, looking like a weasel, using air as a weapon (farting but still) and using curved sickles as weapons.Itachi is mostly based off of the Japanese yokai, the Kamaitachi.If used with A or S, Itachi slides forward a short distance butt first.She however lacks high damage, and is tied with Luce and Silk for lowest health among all characters in the game.Please only alice in wonderland pdf book submit Eight Marbles related content!Extreme violation cases will end with being banned from the group.
Short range but can push Itachi and her foe back.