episode 604 one piece

Tashigi is happy to see everyone inside safely while Law wonders where his heart might.
Surprised, Law worriedly asks how Luffy broke out, with Franky telling him the mesh is not made of seastone.
Art - Ryji Yoshiike, animation - Ysuke Ischi, direction - Fumi Komaki.
Law then cuts the pirates free, and wonders aloud what he should do with Smoker and Tashigi as he puts them back in their own bodies.Still concerned about the children, she can only hope that they had not eaten the candy yet.Nearby, Nami and Usopp are riding on Brownbeard, with Nami apologizing to him for making him carry them in his injured state.Art - Miho Shiraishi, animation - Atsuko Kawamura, direction - Tetsuya End.Apoo replies that when he gets invited by the enemy, he comes expecting a fight and that he had suspected there might be a sniper somewhere.Below their cage, the Marines continue to panic about the oncoming gas and call out to their superiors to help them.

Law then explains to everyone present that they only have two hours to escape, and then continues by saying the only passage that leads safely out of the island is called R-66 and is found in Building. .Long Summary Edit Though the Straw Hat Pirates and Brownbeard (along with the dragon) managed to escape into the laboratory, they left a large gaping hole on the side.Launching the Counter Attack!Suddenly, Law appears to tell them that the only safe route off the island is in a passage called R-66 found only in Building.July 7, 2013, season, piece 16 6, funimation, title.Luffy remarks how interesting things are getting, and Smoker voices his reluctance about cooperating.Franky, however, leaves them to protect the Thousand Sunny.Luffy asks how Law could take off Seastone chains so easily, only for Law to continue explaining and mention that they were normal chains that he put in the lab so he could escape in case he was captured.After regaining their senses, the G-5 marines then turn their guns and swords towards the Straw Hats, preparing to arrest them.
Long Summary Edit In the New World, a broker is left stunned at how Caesar Clown was able to capture the Shichibukai Trafalgar Law, the captain of the once again shopaholic to the stars ebook active Straw Hat Pirates, the "Devil Child" Nico Robin, and the great Vice Admiral Smoker.