excel 2010 vba inputbox password mask

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This is a Q that comes up reguarly.Treat my content as plain text, not as html.Set this to whatever character you want used for the masking.OpenForm "add/update tables form" Else MsgBox You're not authorized - now exiting ose acForm, "add/update tables form" End If End Sub.I rather have more code and less forms, and it get's on my nerves that I cant find it out, so just need see this through, especially when so many other 32 bit users got it to work Anyone know what to do here?Check out our Excel VBA Resources.Best guess, to display as, the content must be at least 30 characters.
Add a Solution, this might help you sswordChar comments 21-Nov-11 16:12pm, in MS Acces textBox'es have not PasswordChar property.

I currently have input vampire the masquerade redemption save game showing up as it is typed in but would prefer that it is converted to asterisks.Back to archive home, masking Password in input box, posted by Michael on February 03, 2002 6:18.The code are: Public sPwd As String, public gMsgTitle As String, public gMsgType As String.13,226,799 members (68,806 online here is the code it pops up when clicked on the button but does not accept input as password but in text format only.Back to Excel VBA archive index.Learn more about Allen.
I's originally a code for a 32 bit system, so the real challenge here is converting it to 64 bit.