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(Bug #19883) 00043214: Floating skeleton.
(Bug #20720) Invalid properties cleared on quest (Bug #20718) Three invalid properties on quest RESceneCC_DN101 have been set to zapper one wicked cricket game their correct values.
(Bug #20584) MirelurkAmbushArtScript: Lack of validation for missing furniture markers.
This resulted in car racing sensor game numerous instances of settler stats being listed incorrectly in the PipBoy.(Bug #20484) Incorrect syntax in script call from starting stage led to passing null through to RadioFailsafeScript.(Bug #19659) 001772d6, 0019e420: Floating tires.(Bug #20771) A Clean Equation (RRR10) still had another means by which it could be started even if the Brotherhood of Steel was destroyed.(Bug #20721) PerkNerdRageSlowTime is missing required properties for the image space modifications the perk is supposed.(Bug #20263) Actor Fixes LCharFeralGhoul lacked the proper leveled list calculation flags which resulted in numerous generated encounters with them spawning everything at the highest possible level.(Bug #20841) Curie will not reequip her original clothing if the player exchanges it for something else due to the wrong versions being used in her default outfit.(SM) (Bug #22377) Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes 00249812, 00249813: Removed a pair of invalid follower comment triggers that were enormously oversized and had no data to point to for a conversation topic.(Bug #22798) 000F7417, 00164359, 00093E70: "It's power." - "Its accel world episode 24 power." (Bug #22782) Broken Femur (BonesFemurSnapped02 "Broken Tibia" - "Broken Femur" (Bug #22780) "Inspector found no need for further interrogation, subjet was cleared." - "Inspector found no need for further interrogation, subject was cleared." (Bug #22942).(Bug #22206, Bug #22208) DN160_StudioManagerScript: Sanity check for invalid sound instances.
(Bug #20484) The Postman (RESceneRJ02) might not get a proper letter selection due to an off-by-one error in the random selection from the formlist.
(Bug #21326) Holotapes should be classified as voice for UI purposes instead of effects.

V2.0.1 UFO4P Fixes Default2StateActivator: Corrected issues in this script that led to potentially blocked doors when used in certain configurations, such as the one in the FEV lab.(Bug #20311) Invalid properties cleared for the Weston Water Treatment Plant quest (DN151).(Bug #20464) 0003fc8d: Lantern hook not connected properly to disable when the fence is scrapped.(Bug #20173) FusionGeneratorscript: Fixed errors in animation playback when fusion generators reload after the first time they're visited.(Bug #20183) 0019e736: Unowned bed in Peabody House.(Bug #21252) InstM03Starter is never stopped once the control stage is reached.This was due to a tracking variable intended to prevent it from running more than once never being set when the quest terminates.(Bug #22462) Fixed crashed caused by trying to disarm/trigger/shoot a laser tripwire when running on a new save game.(Bug #21003) Cleared invalid alias pointer from Radioactive Barrels (REObjectSC04).(Bug #22841) WorkshopParentScript: Further corrections to fix the failsafe object chosen for random crops.(Bug #20310) Text Fixes "paramenter" - "parameter".0.1 UFO4P Fixes Removed RadioDiamondCityReceiverOff, RadioFreedomReceiverOff, and RadioInstituteReceiverOff from the formlist of static scrap objects for radios.
(Bug #22175) Trapper Attack (DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned03) tries to complete an invalid objective when the trappers begin their assault.
The Oil Lamp Post from Wasteland Workshop does not cast light when returning to a settlement after having built one.