fatcat iphoto library manager review

Both digital cameras and iPhoto have been around long enough that few long-time Mac users have what you would call an entirely manageable iPhoto library.
For example, you can select photos by constructing a combination of such conditions as rating, file size, description, modification date, and title.You can easily switch between libraries, or just browse the photos in your libraries directly from PowerPhotos, without having to open each library in Photos.Select an item in this pane and its ign games for pc contents appear in the large browser pane to the right.Click Create Library to create a brand-new iPhoto library.At the end of the presentation, someone asked about merging the contents of multiple Libraries together, and I had to give them the bad news: Theres just no way to.MacUpdate Desktop iPhoto Library Manager allows you to organize your photos among multiple iPhoto libraries, rather than having to store all of your photos in one giant library.In the process, iPhoto Library Manager can look for duplicates; the utility lets you choose which of the duplicate images to add to the librarythe original unmodified version, for instance, or an edited version.

Once duplicates are identified, you can then filter them using rules similar to rules you might construct in Apples Mail.This lets you speed up iPhoto by having smaller libraries, archive old photos that you don't use much, or organize photos in different categories or projects.Along the windows left edge you find an iPhoto Libraries pane that includes any libraries youve added.OS.6.8 or later, apple iPhoto.1.2 or later iPhoto Library Manager.7.3 (OS.4.9 or later, Intel32/PPC32).It can be easy to have multiple copies of the same photo creep into your iPhoto libraries.The Add Library command also mimics iPhoto by listing any iPhoto (and Aperture) libraries the utility can find on your Mac.Additionally, you can choose to browse the selected library as thumbnail images or in a list, with the latter providing metadata information such as title, date taken, keywords, place, and rating.IPLM also gives you the ability to copy your photos from one library to another, while keeping track of photo metadata that is normally lost when exporting from one library and importing into another.PowerPhotos can analyze your libraries for duplicate photos, showing them to you side-by-side and letting you get rid of extra copies of photos that you no longer need.(You neednt launch iPhoto to view this info.) A Search field rounds out the toolbar.
Despite the limitations of this new approach, its good to know that theres finally a way to merge the contents of two libraries together, short of dragging all the images into the Finder, changing libraries, and then dragging them back.