ffmpeg quick sync encoder

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Because of up to 40 performance increase, i think it would be huge benefit.So i was thinking, if you could implement this?However, at the time of encoding a frame, I get the following exception.Using this library, I setup a application that captures uyvy frames from my frame grabber and encodes/muxes them to an MP4 file, using libx264.Exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location.
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I am using ffmpeg ffmpeg git-913685f, from here.H264_qsv @ 000000c7e6d8e680 Specified pixel format yuv420p is invalid or not supported.Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use.Now, I wanted to try to enabling Intel Quick Sync, so I changed the encoder.old (libx264) /AVCodec* codec / new (Intel Quick Sync aVCodec* codec It finds the encoder.Update : I also just realized that I am getting an error on the stdout.I noticed that there was a commit that added some additional pixel formats for QSV here.
Do I have to do something differently, compared to how things were done with libx264?
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