flight management system manual

The actual V/S will however be slightly different to the computed V/S because V/S changes during the descent.
All the diversion data is now shown based on you flying direct to this airport from present position (VIA direct).Note that if a model is appended.2 it has the SFP package and two position tailskid.If CI is 0 the FMC gives maximum range airspeed and minimum trip fuel.The pdcs was developed jointly by Boeing and Lear Seigler in the late 1970's.It is worthwhile making this check before crossing over areas of high terrain.Edition 1999 published by B 767 Fleet Office Training Manual for Boeing 767 Flight Crews.D ILS/DME, i Terminal, t Low Altitude, l High Altitude, h Use unrestricted by range or altitude.If the company route is not recognised the route can be entered manually by filling in the VIA TO columns.You can either select a waypoint from the legs page or use ppos (Present POSition) on which to base the hold.In its most basic form, the FMC has a 96k word navigation database, where one word is two bytes (ie a 16 bit processor).The prompt at 6R leads onto POS init POS init is used to enter the aircraft position into the IRS's for alignment.FMC position can be forced to any of the other positions at this page.V/S is the required vertical speed to make good the V/B.If you do not enter anything here the FMC will assume still air.

Especially useful for giving crosswind component and SAT in icing conditions.Selecting LRC gives Long Range Cruise speed.The target speed (highlighted) is the econ speed which is derived from the cost index and winds.The reduced climb thrust setting gradually increases to full climb power by 15,000ft.The CDU in the photograph has a DIR intc key at the beginning of the second row but some have a menu key.The acunetix web vulnerability scanner FMS asas livres cd novo 2013 can be defined as being capable of four dimensional area navigation (latitude, longitude, altitude time) while optimising performance to achieve the most economical flight possible.Supp data can only be entered on the ground.In-Flight Pages Standard take-off page for.Any existing supp data should be checked for accuracy before flight using the summary option (U6 only) or DELeted and re-entered, cross-checking any Lat Longs between both crew members.Read more, donwload pdf, read Online, x-Plane FMS manual - X-Plane 11 is Here."Collins FMS-4200 Flight Management System.
The pdcs quickly became standard fit and many were also retrofitted.
An abeam point can be constructed (as illustrated) or a radial or range circle can be displayed on the ehsi.