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Uruje se vlastností font-weight normal normální bold tuné h1 font-weight: bold Tato vlastnost me mít scarbee vintage keyboard collection hodnotu jet bolder (o nco silnjí písmo ne normální) a lighter (o nco slabí ne normální).
(MgOldTimes UC Pol is available in the demo version of Magenta's.
Download (Available in Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic) see sample page Various fonts from the Greek Font Society (freeware) see sample page Computer Modern Unicode (Andrey Panov: Freeware CMU Bright, Classical Serif, Concrete, Sans Serif, Sans Serif Condensed, Serif Extra, Serif Upright Italic, Typewriter Text.
Download (Available in plain, italic, bold, bold italic) see sample page Arev Fonts (Tavmjong Bah: Freeware) In SFD and TTF format.See sample page Galilee Unicode Gk PC ( Rodney Decker : Free for non-commercial use).2017 16:22:37, this page contains a list of Unicode fonts and links to information about these fonts and how to download them.Download Open Type, Download True Type, Download Open Type see sample page Tempora LGC Unicode PC; TrueType and OpenType (Alexey Kruykov; GNU Copyleft).(The fonts marked MAC are already Macintosh-native, and will not work.) Unix solutions include the Caslon and Computer Modern Unicode fonts, cited above, and the ClearlyU BDF Font (Mark Leisher: freeware) Download.Serif patkové písmo (nap.Can be used in Unix and PC/Mac.Also available in Unix version.Futura-Normal, bebas, pT Sans, garamond, minion Cyrillic Bold, bodoni.
Duktus písma, písmo na stránce by mlo bt pedevím itelné.

Several fonts for symbols, including Ancient Greek and Byzantine Musical Notation; and Alexander, an 18th century style font, with ligatures.Available as TTF, SFD Download Bundled with Ubuntu Linux.Helvetica Cyrillic Oblique, lobster, arial Narrow, ubuntu.We invite you to browse rather large collection of a wide variety of fonts, carefully collected by us especially for You.Metafont, available for download as SFD, PFB, OTF (Most fonts available in bold, italic and bold italic; wide range of variants) see sample page MgOpen Canonica (EL/LAK / Magenta: freeware) PC, Unix Included with Debian GNU/Linux.(Note that the Georgia Greek font, from the same developer, is no longer available.) Download.Polytonistis Accentuator software; MgAvantG UC Pol, MgChanceryBeauty UC Pol and MgGreekArchaic UC Pol are available in the demo version of Magenta's.See sample page Porson PC ( Greek Font Foundry : freeware).The long-awaited monospace font ebook software testing ron patton from Michael Everson.Styl písma, vlastnost font-style urí, zda se bude jednat o písmo normální, kurzívu, nebo sklonné písmo.(Available in normal and italic.) see sample page Tahoma PC ( Microsoft : Commercial).
Download (available in plain) see sample page Junicode (in beta) PC; TrueType (Peter Baker) is a Unicode font for medievalists.
See sample page Thryomanes Unicode PC ( Hermann Miller : freeware).