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It is the commanders job to find the appropriate mix of surge and sustained operations that maintains momentum without exhausing assets before the objectives have been met.
CAS and local air defense are the types of missions that are often cited for the historically quick turnarounds.
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For CAS missions the distance was in many cases less than 30nm.Scenario design: setting up a squadron for Surge Ops Here is an example on how to produce realistic sortie rates in Command based on real-life data: During surge operations a 12-aircraft F/A-18 squadron has demonstrated the ability to produce 24-26 sorties per day,.e.The air-wing squadrons typically sustained utilization rates of more than two and a half times their normal programmed flying hours.Here is another recommended article written by James.In the Doctrine window there are three selectable Quick Turnaround options: Disabled, Enabled, and Fighters and ASW.1989: 36 Strike aircraft ea racing games for pc per wing (A-7, A-6) 162 sorties per day, max surge One target per sortie Assuming a 200-nm range to target (no refueling) and good weather, a CAW could strike 162 aimpoints in a single day 2004: 44 Strike aircraft per wing.(theres your price for readiness) The engagement earned the Enterprise her Battle E, and was awarded the victory.Stuff takes longer than you think.How much realism can you realistically add to a commercially available simulator?Skyhawks on Day 1 flew one or two sorties.For example, the last-minute loadout changes from Washington (i.e., with several hours notice) was a significant part of what doomed the US Navy strike on Lebanon in December 1983.On 5 June, most of the IAFs day was taken up in its counter-air operations against Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi airbases.24 aircraft flying 4 sorties each would generate a total of 96 sorties in 24 hours.

The 86 aircraft deployed to the Gulf flew 3,380 sorties from 17 January to 28 February 1991.As nighttime falls, the aircraft will only fly single sorties even though Quick Turnaround is enabled.Phase II used the same method as in the first phase and involved ca 100 aircraft (another source says 164 sorties flown) with one shot down.When Enabled, all loadouts that support Quick Turnaround will have the the checkboxes enabled.It certainly isnt for everyone.And a way to show how many invisible factors like ground-crew proficiency, base ground equipment, airframe/systems complexity and built-in maintainability features can critically affect the end result: how often the aircraft will be up there, doing their job.In fact, it can be difficult to have both helicopters aboard a ship flying at the same time because of regulations requiring that the pad remains open in case the first one develops an emergency and needs to RTB.The Arabs probably lost more than 400 aircraft in total.