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The series is characterized by dynamic football moves, often stylish and implausible.
Throughout 2000s, several games were created to cover both original manga, Road to 2002, and, golden 23 arc.
The story is simple, you are this kid who joins a soccer team and well you are pretty good at playing soccer and you want to win it all!Captain Tsubasa 2 was a huge, cult Classic among fans, and Tecmo spanned six more games toward the end of solitaire game for windows vista 1995, Bandai was given the rights to make two Captain Tsubasa J, which ends up with horrible quality.One last thing, the game is packed with super moves each of the characters has but remember not to use them that much as itll take a big chunk out of your stamina.The difficulty spike is so big that most of the matches after the 1st one will be harder than expected.Inverted to the hell with Ramcane from Belgium in Captain Tsubasa III.Butt-Monkey : Morisaki is this to the memetic level, because his stat is so poor he can hardly catch anything.You can't really do much because you're underleveled.In the end, this helps you out because your team levels up according to their performance in the match so next time you meet that team that kicked your ass, it might have a different result.V pípad, e vám nae skrvací lity s obsahy nefungují, zkontrolujte, zda-li jste pihláeni.The game adapts the second part of the original Manga, as the titular Tsubasa Ozora leads his Nankatsu Middle School's soccer club through a National Tournament against Hyuga Kojiro's Toho FC, toward the finale of U-16 World Cup division in France against West Germany Youth.
By the time he is the preferred keeper in the last portion of the game, Wakabayashi tends to get overwheimed by powerful shots to the point a player have to rely more on punching, and even then an unlucky shoot made by a Mook may.

11th Hour Superpower : Musashi FC's Misugi plays only in the second half, though he's powerful enough to makes things even worse for you.Same goes with Brazil Youth's Coimbra.On the other hand, Konami establish several of its own games based on the manga with better quality, albeit with mixed opinions among each game.Only 2 players can beat the GK (Tsubasa and Ishizaki while the rest of the team, including the defense can beat your GK!II: Super Striker was released only in Japan, and was considered a huge improvement in the previous game, with heavily improved gameplay and pace as well as its own.Sao Paolo has only Tsubasa, while Japan are made of every best player of Japan except Wakabayashi.And this just get worse in the Bonus Match against Canarias Stars from.Evil Costume Switch : Like in the manga, Roberto wears black eyeglasses when he manages the Brazilian Youth team.Averted sighly on Captain Tsubasa from Sega CD where he actually can stop regular shots and some weak special shots, however he can't stop any special shots from the main characters.Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game, which was heavily altered and censored because.Feel free to comment.