game footlol epic fail league

You can upgrade your teams skills and customize the appearance.
It gives opportunity to make own crazy strategies against enemy and thats nice that there is no blood at the shadowfell gloomwrought and beyond pdf all.I found it to be really fun to cut loose with the tools and just let the game run itself until time was called.I guess it was to win all of the games against the different teams.With the player whos best at cheating winning, FootLOL is a funny old game!I did not get'cha head in the game karaoke know what the storyline was.
The players slide around the pitch passing the ball with no kicking action.

This is an arcade football with mines, crazy cows and fireballs.Youll need to fulfil the conditions for each level which might mean losing, or fighting your way back from defeat!Date published:, rated 1 out of 5 by fatg1t from This Game Is Truly Dreadful!Original soccer is boring.You must enter your current password in order to save any changes.'To 'help' your team win' you place landmines on the pitch that blow up when a player from either team slides onto one rendering the player out of action for a short time.Theres not much of a story, but gameplay is awesome.Information on this page may be out of date, since all the action has moved to the areas noted above.FootLOL: Epic Fail League has been Greenlit and is now listed in the Steam store.
If you love soccer, football, futbol or whatever they call it in your country, and don't take it too seriously, then FootLOL: Epic Fail League is perfect for you.
As you progress you earn other tools like shields to protect your players or speed up a specific player.