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Lead your squad of infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft to freedom.
Multiplayer notice: Because Massgate is no longer operating, playing over the Internet is no longer possible.
After losing the battle in space, the NSA is forced to retreat to its last stronghold.Jacob Angelus must find a way to let his people survive.Reviews, if you consider yourself an RTS gamer of a more strategic bent, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy.Ground Control 2 Operation Exodus, update Information, update Boxart.The situation is desperate, but for the NSA, destiny is at hand.The original, ground Control II, key Features, a singleplayer campaign spread across 2 factions and 24 squad-based missions.In the war torn year of 2741, Captain Jacob Angelus of the Northern Star Alliance (NSA) becomes the central figure in the fight against the warmongering Terran Empire.Just mount the ISO, key-gen NO-CD patch included.The Rebellion name and logo and the Ground Control name and logo are trademarks of Rebellion and may be registered trademarks in certain countries.
Ground Control II is a real-time tactics game set in a gritty science-fiction universe.

Top-quality graphics that look great even by todays standards!Play through the campaign in co-op with up to 2 other players.Command the alien Viron army and meld your troops into more powerful units.The explosively fast game play focusing on combat tactics with full use of the 3D battlefield, with weather and other environmental effects affecting the unit's performance on the battleground.Ground Control II: Operation Exodus is a real-time 3D action strategy set in a distant and futuristic universe.Playing through a LAN is still available.Its 2741 and the universe is at war.8.8/10, iGN, if you enjoy sci-fi or action RTS games, this is a good one to get and youre missing out if you dont.
About This Game, command an Army.
The game mainly focuses on explosive combat missions where the player will control squads of infantry, tanks, artillery and helicopters as the story unfolds.