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A Diezel VH4 sat at the core of Bellamy's guitar tone for much of the bands earlier work.
What guitars does Matt Bellamy use?
He loved it, and so he hooked up with the company to consult on the development of this guitar.
The neck is lightly finished for that bare wood feel which you either like or you dont, but it is smooth and it does play well.Youre much more interested in the standard issue.So this setup will deliver a fat Gibson-style neck tone, a Tele lead tone as well as assorted Strat-like sounds.I was inspired to play Teles by some of my favorite pickers, guys like Roy Buchanan, Ed Bickert, Albert Collins, Jimmy Bryant, Danny Gatton and Jerry Reed.The downward travel is not quite like a Floyd, but it will go pretty close to floppy and still come back in tune quite well.TC Electronic 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay.The arm has a rubber piece on it, which helps you stick to it and its comfy.

Skrydstrup LM35 Line Mixer, skrydstrup MR8 Loop System, sound Sculpture Switchblade.By clicking the button, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.The Egnater M4 was added on the Resistance tour.Ive got to talk a little about the whammy bar.We are using cookies to make this website better.Other amplifiers seen in his stage rig include a Marshall 1959HW 100-watt head, a Vox AC-30 head and a Egnater M4 Modular Preamp with Randall Power Amp.Personally, I like this whammy because of its solid mount and the fact that if you pull the bar off nobody would even know its a whammy bridge.
The bridge is a fairly hot Tele-style game psp lost heroes lead pup, and it has good snap and twang.
He also plays a mean guitar, bass, drums and more!