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Gundam 00-A wakening of the Trailblazer Manga ED 2 (Indo).
1 It was later dropped from #3 to #7 in its second weekend with US 910,346 on 88 screens.
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer.Gundam 00-A wakening of the Trailblazer Manga ED 3 (Indo).Setsuna attempts to communicate with the ELS via the Twin Drives quantum effect, but it is to no avail as the ELS constantly thwart Setsuna's attempts.With a large number of ELS appearing, the Harute is eventually assimilated and v for vendetta iso Allelujah and Marie are forced to eject.Lichtendahl Tsery and Christina Sierra 's final conversation is omitted.Meanwhile, the Earth Sphere Federation has game diner dash 5 for pc found the research station heading towards earth and sends out GN-XIV's, led.Saji's confrontation of Setsuna and Tieria is slightly changed.GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh, are omitted.The Trial Field sequence is slightly changed so that GN-009gnhw/B Seraphim Gundam gnhw/B appears instead of the regular Seraphim Gundam.The scenes of Automatons being covertly used to secretly murder civilians on the Orbital Elevator during the "Break Pillar" incident in a smear campaign to discredit the ESF Coup d'├ętat Faction with a falsified video of them murdering the civilians has been omitted.All scenes at, true Pillar (Saji/Louise scenes, the testing of Soma Peries'.Billy Katagiri meets with Mehna Carmine to analyze Amia whose body has been partially assimilated with a new metal.It is written by Kaishaku and was first published in Gundam 00 Ace (Gundam Ace October 2010 Special Issue).
Mobile Weapons, vehicles and Support Units, eLS (Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shapeshifter).

In the day of the ELS's arrival, the Federation launch a counterattack against the ELS using the Celestial Being ship's main cannon.The Sol Brave Squadron, led by Graham Aker, arrive and help Celestial Being escape.After CB destroys Memento Mori, a new scene with Wang Liu Mei and Regene Regetta is added, as well as a solo dialogue with Ribbons inside of Veda's chamber.Also, a new scene with Lyle sitting in a bar having a conversation is added.The intervention in Moralia is extended: New combat animation for, gN-001 Gundam Exia, including a battle against, aEU-05G AEU Hellion Ground Type suits, and the use of Exia's GN Vulcans.Problems began to arise when Setsuna is unable to fight the ELS due proarrhythmic effects of lidocaine to quantum brainwave interference.3 It has later dropped from #7 to #8 with US 458,666 in its fourth weekend.A ship named after Sumeragi is being prepared for travel, being crewed by Innovators.Daryl Dodge's suicide run is cut out, but the following scene still shows the Dynames missing its right arm.The scene where Ribbons Almark and Alejandro Corner discuss the Azadistan intervention has new animation.