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The Mainframe helps Archer to the General's location and they engage in a firefight, where the AI's newly constructed Super Drone defeats the General's Kata-Drone.Each weapon the player obtains has multiple alternate "modes" for various situations; for instance, the starting pistol can be turned into a sniper rifle or a rapid-fire machine-pistol while the mule, a rocket launcher, can be configured to fire homing rockets, timed explosives, or cluster.Citation needed Synopsis edit Setting edit According to the game's introductory cutscene, the Gunmen act as a sort of military police force for humanity's inter-galactically expanding colonial empire at an unknown time period in the distant future.Gunman Chronicles is a futuristic FPS, originally planned as a total conversion for.The General, seeing his men have no chance by themselves, takes command of one of the Gunmen's dropships and begins performing bombing runs on the attacking Xenomes, destroying several before being captured in the jaws of one of the larger creatures.Most weapons have different firing modes and some can be upgraded with add-ons: for example, the laser pistol can be fired in pulse, charge, and rapid modes, and an add-on allows the player to charge up shots or use a telescopic sight.During a mission five years prior to the beginning of the game, the Gunmen were dispatched to a planet called Banzure Prime to investigate a communications breakdown with a research colony there, under the command of their leader, known simply as "The General".Bandits will roll around to dodge fire while returning fire with dual pistols or rifles, while Xenomes will charge at the player in packs with reckless abandon and release homing projectiles upon death.2 The development team came from the mod scene and was put together for the duration of one project, which memorex portable cd boombox mp8806 reviews was Gunman Chronicles.Half-Life 2, the player occasionally comes across obstacles hindering the tank's path which will require the player to stop and figure out a puzzle or activate a switch.
The General, still alive as his fighter is dragged underground, pleads (apparently unheard) for rescue over the radio, but the Gunmen leave before having a chance to receive the message.
Archer survives the destruction of the anchors, but is stranded on the falling moon.

The General dumps the cargo module Archer is hiding in in order to gain speed and leaves the AI facility's science team behind to die.After significant work and with some office space, funding, and added staff, it was released as a standalone game.A demo was released for, gunman Chronicles which included levels not available in the full game.Gunman Chronicles or, half-Life: Gunman (previously, gunman: TC and simply, gunman ) is a first-person shooter space western video game originally created as a mod by the now defunct Rewolf Software.Gunman Chronicles was originally.The General allows Archer to leave, so as to watch him die at the hands of the planet's vicious reptiles, but he manages to infiltrate the General's cargo ship, bound for a falling moon that plays host to an outdated AI, called the Mainframe, that.While investigating the colony, they come under attack by massive, worm-like organisms that form one part of a larger genus of creatures known as "Xenomes".3 After Gunman Chronicles was shipped, Rewolf Entertainment dissolved and its team members moved on to new ventures.As the story unfolds, Major Archer discovers that said commanding officer, known only as The General, in fact survived the battle on Banzur Prime, and was swallowed by a giant eel-like organism known as the Alpha Species.The game features a wide variety of enemies, including rogue Gunmen-turned-bandits, giant dinosaurs, genetically-modified aliens called Xenomes, and robotic attack drones.These can be added into the regular gameflow using the.
Major Archer and the AI successfully reach and board the aerial drone, but fail to navigate through an asteroid field on their way into kata-space and crash land on a desert planet called Icnus, encountering and fighting rogue Gunmen.