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Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belt : The silentnight micro cd burner 5.0.26 conveyor belts in the factory areas are understandable enough, but one has to wonder what they're doing on the Blackbird.
Reduced MP Cost : The Silver Stud cuts MP costs by half, and the Gold Stud reduces it.Marle : Get away from her, Crono!That's it: no character interactions, no ramifications to the timeline, nothing.You can fake an illness to get the guards to come in, setting up a sneak attack from your team, or you can pull an Air Vent Escape through a completely unprotected vent in the ceiling.This later blossoms into a series of such quests: In the middle ages, the great forest in South Zenan was destroyed by Magus' army.Sword of Plot Advancement : The Masamune.Hub Level : The End of Time takes on this role once it's introduced.But forgets to handcuff Robo and Ayla, which somewhat defeats the exercise!But still leaves you as hungry as you were when you stepped inside.With Catlike Tread : A particular path in the sewers is covered in trash and stray cats which, if you step on them, will awaken angry fishmen in the water.The endings change to reflect whether you do this or not.Frog later takes up this role towards the Queen.As soon as the Canadians left, a Croatian battalion-sized unit showed up and promptly mined the only road leading to the compound, ensuring that the Swedes would be unable to receive reinforcements.Can become problematic since not all of them are color coded.Ret Gone : Briefly happens to Marle by way of Grandfather Paradox in the first part of the game: She happened to land at the point where her ancestor Queen Leene had been kidnapped.The Kingdom of Zeal, full of zealots secure in magical ability and worshipping an Eldritch Abomination.
Big "NO!" / This Cannot Be!
World Building : There is a surprising amount of this trope nested into the ever-changing dialogue of every NPC character in the game.

Nordbat 2 also managed to borrow Finnish Sisu wheeled armored personnel carriers.This vehicle, known as the Pbv 302, featured a 20mm automatic cannon and fairly respectable armor for a vehicle of its type.Queen Zeal manages to pull it off straight.The most essential component of mission command is trust.Drone of Dread : "Confusing Melody the music for Magus' Castle.When Crono is jailed at the beginning, you either trick the guards to escape, or Lucca will bust in and take out most of the guards.Naturally, you don't get to keep any of them in a New Game.Interface Spoiler : It's a very minor spoiler, but after rushing after Marle when she disappears in Lucca's Teleportation device, Crono unknowingly ends up traveling through time to the past.
In addition to the huge assortment of enemies, you have to endure elevator ride skirmishes, clones of Heckran and Son of the Sun, wall panel robots, seven bosses and Lavos itself.