hex edit my player 2k13

I came off the bench averaging 20 points a game.
I average 38 pts, 5 reb, 3 asst and 4 steals a game with a A rating.
The last step is to simply put the reversed result back into the file, before the 0100.eleftherios "Leftos" Aslanoglou, nBA 2K AI Software Engineer, visual Concepts Entertainment /.Answered, in fdbf0000 -Activator (in this case LUp) D E3122 C FFF dxxx -Change xxxx to the item you're replacing yyyy -Change yyyy to the item you want xxxx to become D I wished it helped (more what would you like to do?Answered, in, yes u click on edit player and you can select any of the listed teams to send the player.What would you like to do?Xbox360 modders: This should work fine for you, as long as you know the byte and bit offset of the first signature skill of the first player in the roster.If you go to quick game and you scroll to the 00'-01' 76ers he will be on their team.Remember when hex editing rosters that you cannot change the file size and expect the game to not crash.I played for a month and a half and led my guys to the start of the playoffs.Something has got to d I box out, set picks, shoot over 50, make smart passes and average only.9 turnover ratio.If the database gets full enough, folder security personal 4.1.312 I'll add the names to the tool, so that you'll be able to select a player by name, and not just enter their.I then was told by the Insider that the Thunder feel im not progressing fast enough so they sent me to their D league.(Well, don't post just one player, do a bunch of them first.Code: Select all 3D FC F6 A3, but we need to reverse the byte order before we put that back into the file, so it should be ordered like this.I was drafted to a 10 day uta no prince sama psp game contract with the Thunder.
Then save and you are all set!

(more what would you like to do?Sports, novato, CA, USA, last edited by Leftos; at 12:06 PM).Recalculate CRC on Save may or may not apply to you, I haven't modded any X360 files so I don't know.Answered, in Uncategorized go to m and type in Hex editor neo (neo is better) and it should be the first on in the list of links and download.I was a 50-55 rating.Let me know if anything needs to be cleared up further.But if you are forced to hex edit a roster, association, playoff, my player, any save file on the PC, you need to know how to do this.That is our new checksum in reverse byte order.This only applies to the PC version and I want to credit Pdub for teaching me this.To do this one must go to the settings and go to replay or stimulate the game.First you need this program, I just leave it in my saves folder, just in case I want to hex edit a save.
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