hp compaq restore disk

If you bought a PC with Windows Vista and upgraded it, your recovery media will be for the original Vista install.
Even though HP might not have a recovery disc set available for purchase, search the HP part ordering Web site to find the recovery kit part number that matches your computer.
Page 4: Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba - - Previous page Acer I don't currently have an Acer PC in my office, so I wasn't able to go through the entire order flow.
So, as long as you have your original license key, and I assume you do unless your sticker got peeled off somehow, then feel free to download an image, burn, reinstall, an register with your license when prompted.A few general notes about ordering recovery media.To use the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator utility to create your own reinstallation disks, see Support Bulletin.If neither of those options is viable, go to the Acclaim recovery media page and enter your serial number to get started.Some cheap consumer PCs don't include disks in the box.Accordingly, my only option was Windows Vista 64-bit media.

Most companies limit the number of replacement discs you can order.But if you've lost your installation media and the recovery partition is no longer available, dragon age origins guide pdf you need to go to the Product and Parts Detail page to see if replacement recovery media are available: Clicking that link doesn't lead to an order form,.I didn't have to pay a penny.I have an office full of business-class and high-end consumer machines from Dell and HP, purchased over a four-year period.Finally, you need to specify a reason, as shown here: Dell limits customers to one set of backup discs containing the original factory-installed operating system.The option is usually presented to the user as part of the initial setup and is included with the option to recover the PC from a hard drive partition.Beware of sites that offer recovery solutions when they are not affiliated with.It also provides disks with device drivers and utilities specific to the system identified by the service tag, with this note: Please note that Dell will provide you the most up to date Resource disc available.The other 1 percent is for the physical disk itself.
It has step-by-step instructions for creating recovery discs for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows.
HP maintains an inventory of replacement recovery discs for several years after the product has been released.