i get even mickey avalon

Try it again I'll break that ass in two.
We have selected English as your language preference.I'll pass the phone you can say goodbye.Club and drug culture.You Might Also Like, we are considering introducing an ad-free version of WhoSampled.Mickey got the zip gun, made your dad a tin drum.Avalon on some wild west shit.Hook, verse 2, cock the hammer and let it fly.I Get Even Lyrics, hook, cross my heart and hope to die.You're like a rat chasing cheddar.Top choice with the tinfoil voice.And if your mommy don't like it, she can suck my dick.I don't get mad, I get even.I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I'll take what's mine.I'm the tax man here to collect.
Hook, verse 3, fool me once, shame on you.
I take ass, cash, and traveler's checks.

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All of this gave ample material for his rhymes, which he started writing after his pal, the former MTV VJ Simon Rex, encouraged him to compose his own songs.Get out the race your tank can't get there.Mickey Av got the shit in the bag.Searching for a new narcotic, i ran to the crossroads, signed on the dotted.Avalon's stage presence, which mixed a kind of hyper- and often ambiguous sexuality akin to the trashy glam rockers of the '70s, gained the attention of DJ and aspiring manager Kev-E-Kev, who was soon helping Avalon hawk his self-titled CD - wrapped in a newspaper.Yeah I'm high, motherfucker, not stupid or blind.