inferno witch doctor build 1.07

Combination Builds - Mixed skill sets.
Also, using the Templar pet while soloing is a good idea, since he will actually tank for you.
Legendary Gems guide for charts of the Legendary gem popularity across xampp portable for windows xp all the classes.
Uses Firebomb/Pyrogeist to keep VQ up, then you throw Locust Swarm, and final episode of breaking bad clean up the stragglers with Well of Souls.(MP0-3 Author: LordAmsa) Advanced Speed Run Build - t/d3/en/forum/topic/?page3 - This build uses the Cain's set to maximize experience and item farming.(Author: EddardStark) Instead of Pierce the Veil - Consider more Attack Speed - t/d3/en/forum/topic/ Attack speed can be used for the same purpose as PtV, to increase damage.(All MP levels Author: Manvan) Cloud of Bats/Spirit Barrage/AC Build t/d3/en/forum/topic/?page1 - A pet-less Cloud of Bats build that returns mana with Spirit Barrage/Well of Souls and uses AC to proc freeze.So, thats why I like to use.

(Good for Low to Mid MP) (Author:Tomnnn) Hybrid C4Dogs Proctor t/d3/en/forum/topic/ A combination of a freeze/stun proc doctor and zero dogs build.(Author: PaulNg) Plague Bats: Thoughts and Techniques t/d3/en/forum/topic/ Everything you always wanted to know about Plague Bats.(High MP/PVP) (Author: SayGa) Zero Pile On Build t/d3/en/forum/topic/ Focuses on the skill Wall of Zombies/Pile.Has gearing and game-play suggestions.Build #2 is more DoT focused because of the Locust Swarm.Recent News, best Items for All Classes, these charts list the Legendary and Set items that are the most popular across all classes in Diablo III.(Author: Skywalkerfx) Witch Doctor Proc Rate for Each Skill - t/d3/en/forum/topic/ Testing done to determine rate each which doctor skill can proc (a "procedure" triggered under particular circumstances).Soul Harvest is your go-to skill for adding stacks of Intelligence, which will make every other ability do tons of additional damage.Now, I dont really like the summons that come with the rest of the classes, but the Witch Doctor is somewhat a spiritual successor of the Necromancer, so its obvious he/she will be packing some serious undead dope.While the Necromancer got its supremacy from a huge set of army and terrifying curses that could make even a Barbarian tremble, the Witch Doctor is somewhat toned downed in-terms of indirect damage, and instead has skills that give him more direct methods of hardcore.
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(Author: ZeMickey) Minion Master Poor Man's Sacrifice t/d3/en/forum/topic/ Low.