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Definitely a good buy." TheGlide's blog ( Read more ) Author Jon Stokes interviewed on live radio program Geek Speak ( Download and listen ).
The book's list price.95 (61.95 CDN) although it can be purchased for around.95 (38.95 CDN) via resellers.I came to the conclusion that this was a must-have book and I immediately ordered.Next: Inside the Book More Computer Processors Articles, more By Barzan "Tony" Antal blog comments powered by Disqus.From the University of Chicago.The Clock, branch Instructions, excursus: Booting Up, chapter 3 Pipelined Execution.The book uses analogies, full-color diagrams, and clear language to convey the ideas that form the basis of modern computing.EE Times read more author posted pre-release info about his book, Inside the Machine; many enthusiastic reader comments in response.A work that will be viewed as essential to any student or professional in need of education on the subject.".Read more ) "What we like about, inside the Machine is the way the book is constructed, leading the interested reader on to advanced concepts illustrated with some nice graphics.Robert Love, Chief Architect, Linux Desktop, Novell Corporation (.Full of lovely diagrams, with points explained well." Everyday Happenings of a Techie ( Read more ) "This book helped revive in me an interest in CPU architectures and I hope Jon will consider doing a sequel.The Original Pentium, the Intel P6 Microarchitecture: The Pentium Pro.What Is 64-Bit Computing?This book may well be the best passport to the otherwise inaccessible city of transistors just below your fingertips." Technovelty ( Read more ) "For a complicated subject, the book is very readable with excellent diagrams, if you are a newbie or experienced enthusiast with.Includes discussion of: Parts of the computer gilbert review dfes 2007 and microprocessor.He gets into the technical aspects without being intimidating and does an excellent job of comparing one chips features versus alternatives taken in others.".
Opcodes and Machine Language, the Programming Model and the ISA.
It contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available (online or in print) on Intel's latest processors: the Pentium M, Core, and Core 2 Duo.

I skimmed through it as soon as I had it unpacked.Inside the Machine, from the co-founder of the highly respected Ars Technica website, explains how microprocessors operate-what they do and how they.After discussing computers in the abstract, the book examines specific microprocessors from Intel, IBM, and Motorola, from the original models up through today's leading processors.A Closer Look at Memory Accesses: Register.John Stroman, Technical Account Manager, Intel "Jon's approachable style, the full color diagrams, and his use of modern architectures to give example to theory, continue to delectate.It's just that handy to have around.He holds a degree in computer engineering from Louisiana State University and two advanced degrees in the humanities from Hardware University.I've enjoyed a number of his CPU pieces on Ars, dense as they are.".Org ( Read More ) "The diagrams throughout are very clear, and it really lives up to its billing as an 'illustrated guide.Throughout this review, I'll be pointing out the qualities that were either most important for me as a student with an interest in engineering or those that exceeded my expectations and ultimately wouldn't let me put the book down.Since I was already really into studying computer architecture, this topic fit my needs.
Ars Technica read more ) "Stokes delves into the details of each design, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.