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Static text is text that is not directly changeable by the user at runtime.
Lets instead have a look at an example. .The Basics.You want to create an event under the calendar appropriately titled Calendar that belongs to the users iCloud account, and not the other accounts that she might have on her iOS device.Problem, the user has different calendar accounts, such as an iCloud account and a separate CalDAV account, and a calendar named Calendarunder both of these accounts.Then you can use a function like ABMultiValue CopyValueAtIndexto get the value of a field at that specific index.One is on the left, and one is on the right.One is a value of type ABPropertyID, which gives you direct access to the property of the contact that the user tapped.Gesture Recognizers 445.Each recipe includes sample code on GitHub that you can use right away.For instance, the following code snippet attempts to find the event source titled iCloudon the users device.Networking and Sharing 465.An event source will then contain calendars. .This is an array of Intinstances that will determine which properties of each contact the user can see in the people picker.These two items are called components.Extra info for iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook: Solutions Examples for iOS Apps.Core Motion 787.
You can, for instance, add the value kABPersonAd dressPropertyto this array to have the user see only the address properties of contacts in her contact list: Retrieving Calendar Groups on an iOS Device.

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Creating Dynamic and Interactive User Interfaces 247.Concurrency and Multitasking 315.If you press this button, the iCloud app will take action.Each of these accounts, if they support calendars, is treated as an event source.Downloading is temporarily unavailable!For instance, if this is one of the addresses that the contact has, you will be able to copy its value directly using the ABRecordCopyValue function.Graphics and Animations 729.You just really want to use the system UI to display the address book instead of creating the UI yourself.Retrieving a Property of a Person Entity with System.
Address Book 525.