isa server 2006 tunnel port editor

A non-volatile hidden guid that identifies a user account in Windows.
Xsata - The Serial ATA International Organization (sata-IO) has developed xsata, which extends the cable length of the external sata cable, as well as ClickConnect, an improved connection scheme.
See docsis.0 windows 7 no key needed document - a document is simply an abstract representation of a program's data (windows).
Wellfleet SRB - Source Routing Bridging, proprietary header of Bay Networks (now Nortel) which passes Token Ring information over WAN lines.Frames generally have no associated permissions (i.e., all frames are read-write, providing you can generate the appropriate physical address.BBI - Browser Based Interface BBU - battery backup unit BC - Business Controls (IBM) bcam - Business Case Analysis Methodology bcast - Broadcast Protocol (Novell protocols) BCC - Broadcast Call Control BCI - brew Compressed Image.Fibre Channel Fabric - One of the physical topologies of Fibre Channel.Reference Overview MSC - Microsoft Corporation MSC - Mobile Switching Center MSC - Message Sequence Chart MSC is a graphical and textual media player classic for ubuntu 13.10 language for the description and specification of the interactions between system components.
EVT - Engineering Verification Testing EWD fallout 4 patch link - Enterprise Wide Data Warehouse EWS - Eiffel Windowsing System (sourceforege) Exchange Web Services Exchange Plans - Health Insurance Marketplace, sometimes known as the health insurance exchange.

IDE, ATA, eide idff - Liberty's "Identity Federation Framework being offered as the basis for saml.0 IDL - Interface Definition Language.A power management specification.See also *Cost Of Non-Conformance.See also m VC - Volume Copy VC - Venture Capital VC - Microsoft's Visual C VCE - VCE ( company formed by Cisco Systems and EMC Corporation with investments from VMware and Intel VCE builds and assembles Vblock Systems using EMC storage, Cisco servers.TAP - Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol tapcon - A brand name for connectors of all types, often used to mean any connector (like Xerox has become a generic term for "copy.See also ESB - Enterprise Service Bus.
Provide the software visible interface to the CDC.
( odva - wikipedia OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer.